10 December 2005

Welcome. Grab a Leather Mug O' Mead and Kick Back

Welcome! Okay, got the new home up and running. Much intelligence can be looked forward to. AND dancing girls.

So, umm, a tour. The sidebar has a few fun things -- my del.icio.us tags, for one. I heartily recommend that y'all join del.icio.us and start taggin' -- and if you, share your user name with me so I can subscribe to your bookmarks. And, umm, let's see. My flickr badge is there, shuffling photos around with glee. A Feedburner feed and an option to subscribe to this journal via email. Further down, you'll notice the What I'm Reading section, which will have an amazon link for whatever book I happen to be reading at the moment. There's also a general Amazon search box, too. Please, if you are feeling in a kindly way towards yours truly, consider doing your Amazon purchases through that portal, because then I get a small cutback in the form of gift certificates, and you may thus help me get a few books or dvds or whatever. That's a good cause, right?

Below this entry you'll see a couple of photos from earlier in the day.

Coming soon -- some thoughts on Heinlein (induced by reading same, as you'll see if you check out that Amazon link :-).

[Listening to: D'drennan MASTER-2 - Unto Ashes - Grave Blessings (3:33)]


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