25 December 2005

War On Christmas 2005 Update: Santa Claus Believed Holed Up in Caves With Insurgents

It's Christmas evening. Last night I barely slept after an evening in which, sometime after doing yoga, I was just not feeling right, if you know what I mean. Exhausted today, and mostly just did my impersonation of a blob hanging with the fam and watching movies [The Station Agent, highly recommended; Kurosawa's Roshemon, ditto, though honestly I think Stray Dogs was better; Bande à part, a Godard flick, which I came away from half liking, half not; and Madagascar, which was cute].

And as the evening came, I started feeling more than just off.

Fuck. Ho-merry-fucking-ho-ho. Achy. Throat on fire. Must sacrifice cat to the Old Ones to transcend such lowly, bodily stupidities. Here, kitty kitty...

But Happy Holidays to all and one, and if you don't holiday this time of year, happy New Year's A Week Away Day.


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