12 December 2005

Sarcastic Narnia review

via aqua-melina, one of the funner movie reviews in a while:

Yin-Yang Mossimo Hacky-Sack: Narnia Schmarnia: "Narnia Schmarnia"

Can't say as I agree with the Liam Neeson bashing, but it is damn funny bashing:

Liam Neeson is by far the most BORING human being ever to hit the big screen. Watching, or in this case, hearing Liam Neeson act is like watching a real-time video of a diaper biodegrading in a desert. Actually, I take that back – I would find that MORE interesting than watching Liam Neeson act.

And this bit about the movie is priceless:

So, in other words, the only thing at stake in this movie is the NARNIAN THERMOSTAT. And to that I say: Who gives a shit? Really? Who?

Go read and giggle.


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