20 December 2005

Good always wins, because Evil is Stupid

Two things to make sane, rational people smile today:

1 -- Dover is over, and seldom in the history of jurisprudence has a slapdown been so savagely applied to one side's ass. Check out Pharyngula's coverage of it all, from the overview (here and the judge's final, damning words here); to the expected Discovery Institute wailing about censorship and cruel oppression and lions, oh the lions; to well-warranted snark thrown at Michael "I had fun and think it went really well" Behe; and, finally, to some snark for Pat Robertson.

It's a beautiful day. But it gets better.

2 -- A symbolic moment of sorts arrives, one that shows that another struggle going on right now has the good guys winning more and more battles. Elton John will wed -- okay, technically it's a "civil union" -- his long-time lover, David Furnish. Once savaged in the media for his sexuality, he now has Bill Clinton, apparently about-facing on the issue, congratulating him.

Of course, I can spoil-sport by pointing out that in this here country of mine, we aren't particularly caught up with the whole gay marriage issue. But then, San Francisco and Massachusetts got the ball rolling. And the Dover case (decided by a George Dubbya appointee, no less) gives me hope that we haven't completely lost our collective minds.


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