15 December 2005

Ghost in the Shell 2

So I watched Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence last night. General impressions: overall, I actually like it better than the original, though it's a close call. I think the story is a little deeper this time out. Visually it's stunning, and really shows off how much animation has progressed in the age of computers in the last decade.

What most struck me, though, is how utterly creepy the dolls were. Especially the doll, seen over and over, a model which Batô kills at the beginning and then we keep seeing over and over, culminating in a whole frickin' army of them, practically. Something very Dave Mckean creepy about them. And that, I think, is really the movie's biggest advantage -- that mood, a bit dark and brooding, a bit just plain...creepy.

And man I loved Batô's dog. A cyborg with a dog. A cyborg who cooks food for his dog. That is too cool.

DVD goofiness -- bonus points for not having a dubbed version, but one of those points taken away by combining the subtitles with closed captioning. Yes, I know that's a helicopter sound. Yes, there are people talking in the background. Thank you. Sigh.

And speaking of anime...

Goro Miyazaki, son of THAT Miyazaki, is going to be making his debut with an anime film of Ursula Le Guin's Earthsea. This fan boy can't help but hope, desperately, that this time it will be done right. Of course, if he is as talented as his father, this might be more of a meditation on Earthsea than an adaption. But then, if he's as talented as his father, that could still be a wonderful thing.


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