15 December 2005

A fool and his...

THERE were once upon a time an old peasant and his wife, and they had three sons. Two of them were clever young men who could borrow money with out being cheated, but the third was the Fool of the World. He was as simple as a child, simpler than some children, and he never did any one a harm in his life.


For it happened that the Tzar of that Country sent out messengers along the highroads and the rivers, even to huts in the forest like ours, to say that he would give his daughter, the Princess, in marriage to any one who could bring him a flying ship-ay, a ship with wings, that should sail this way and that through the blue sky, like a ship sailing on the sea.

We have a permanent blog title. If I change it again, may my sister be hit by lightning. Right in the noggin...:-)


Blogger rie said...

HEY! why me? dink.

12/19/2005 5:07 PM  

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