20 December 2005

conform, naked shoat!

Teresa Nielsen-Hayden serves up some funny, anagramic snark on Dan Brown. You know, every time I have the thought "I should really try reading that book sometime," I see something like this. She has a link to the Internet Anagram Server, which informs me that Gregory Lawrence can be rearranged as A Regency Growler. Having watched Blackadder, I can't help but wonder if that makes me Nelson?

But that's neither here, nor there, I growls. Really, I wanted to inform one and all that a certain thing has come to pass. To wit, there has been a certain place that I have been associated with. I am no longer going to be so associated. I do have an escape clause on this, but really, it's not going to be used.

I giggled, biking home after having talked to the Person in Charge. Is that horrible? I feel lighter somehow, and Spud keeps running away as I float off the ground. Humans, he seems to think, should stay firmly planted to the ground. Or to the futon, where he can lay on them.

So -- the bookstore for the month of January and maybe change. Then. Umm. Yeah. Let's just say that pavement shall be pounded, and big attempts to line up private students will commence. And I will be doing absolutely nothing fun that involves money. But then, with the kind of money I was making this past few months, I wasn't really doing that anyway.

But I need this. Sanity shall result. Really. The pixies tell me so.


Blogger rie said...

i am terribly proud of you. fabulous decision. leaving Evil Places is nifty.

lemme know if you want to chat re: desert willow tutoring.

12/22/2005 5:04 PM  

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